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Pasadena Restaurant at Pier-2 Warehouse was used for sugar storage with a history of more than 90 years. The restaurant kept the red bricks, concrete walls and the cypress roof structures to show its history starting from half a century ago. In 2012, the building was revived with the opening of Pasadena Restaurant via cuisine, arts and culture, where diners can enjoy American and European combined dishes, such as handmade stone oven pizza, burgers, barbeque dishes, along with beer. To celebrate the history of the sugar storage, the restaurant is also promoting 1928 black sugar pizza and soft serve. This is the perfect place for friends or families to have a good time.

如何前往 How To Arrive

開車 By Car
Go to Pier2 Art Center Layout and follow "Dayong Rd" till end of road. (Parking Lot)
Park your car and go back "Dayong Rd".
Walk straight about 2 min, you can see the restaurant on your left side.

鐵路、高鐵 By Railway or THSR
Get off Kaohsiung Main Station and THSR Zuoying Station, you can transfer to MRT Red Line for Formosa Boulevard(O5/R10).
Get off the MRT and transfer to MRT Orange Line for Yanchengpu Station(O2) exit 1.
Walk bound for five minutes along Dayong Road and you will arrive here.

捷運 By MRT
Take MRT Orange Line for Yanchengpu Station(O2) exit 1.
Walk bound for five minutes along Dayong Road and you will arrive here.


帕莎蒂娜 - 山谷裡的皇冠

很多朋友好奇, 為什麼我們要命名為「帕莎蒂娜」呢?

源頭,是來自於美國洛杉磯東北角, 一個叫做「帕莎蒂娜」的美麗小鎮。

那裡有一年一度的玫瑰花車遊行, 全美最頂尖的藝術學校之一, 還有收藏了莫內、梵谷、塞尚、畢卡索等大師作品的「Norton Simon Museum」, 甚至許多知名的運動家、政治家、藝術家、演員、作家...等, 都來自於這個文化歷史悠遠的城市。

當我們於2000年要設立第一家餐廳時, 腦海裡立即浮現的, 就是「帕莎蒂娜」之於美麗歡愉的氛圍, 之於人文藝術的精神, 都契合了我們對於美好生活的主張。 「帕莎蒂娜」在古印度語的意思是「山谷裡的皇冠」!



Pasadena - Crown of the Valley

"Why is the named Pasadena"? a lot of friends ask curiously. The brand name originated from Pasadena, a beautiful small town filled with art and culture in the northeast corner of Los Angeles, U.S.A.. 

Pasadena is where a rose parade takes place every year, where one of the best art school in U.S.A. is situated and where Norton Simon Museum collects artworks from masters such as Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Picasso, etc.. Even many famous sports figures, politicians, artists, performers, writers, etc. came from this culture-based township. 

When we founded the first restaurant beside the beautiful Lover River in Kaohsiung in 2000, the word "Pasadena" came to our mind immediately as its joyful ambience and spirit of humanity and art perfectly meets our idea of a good life. 

Pasadena - "Crown of the Valley" in Indian and located northeast of Los Angeles, is a beautiful city teeming with cultural and artistic vibrancy. 

We wish "Pasadena" could be your crown which delivers the style, pleasure, elegance, glamour and distinct taste.

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We treasure every customer's suggestions that let us make progress.
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Pasadena Pier-2 Warehouse

地址 Address
Pier-2 Warehouse, No.1, Dayong Rd. Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803
訂位專線 Booking Line
TEL : +886-7-531-1106 FAX : +886-7-531-1919
營業時間 Opening hours
週一店休 Monday OFF
週二至週日Tue to Sun 11:00 - 21:00